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Bookshelf Collections is a proud Australian family owned and operated company.


The purpose of this online eBook publishing company is to deliver quality information to those who want (or require) it. Currently, most of our books have been written by one, or more, of the Lloyd family.


Dean started writing his first book 'Natural Full Dentures' in 2001 and completed it in 2007. The book has been written for those who are either suffering with their dentures, planning to get new dentures or, getting their teeth pulled and having immediate dentures fitted.


While their two children, Rochelle and Nadine, were still attending school, Dean and Petra continued to run the dental clinic. After being in dental for over 35 years, Dean decided to close the clinic and focus his time on the family's new venture.


His first project was to complete his two book series, adding 'Natural Partial Dentures' to his collection.


He then turned his attention to website design and setting eBooks in both PDF and all other online file type formats.

During this period, Rochelle went off to work to support her sister, Nadine, in her passion to become a recipe book writer and TV chef.


Together Nadine and Petra embarked upon a recipe book writing job of which, at the time, they had no idea of its enormity.


Nadine first created the recipes on paper; and then Petra would drive her down to our local Woolworths, where she would shop for her ingredients. They then came home to cook, plate-up, photograph, taste her creation and ... wash the dishes!

This process has continued for over 7 years now.


Nadine's first book was titled "The One Arm Chef Cook Book" by Nadine Lloyd and contained 38 recipes. After she completed her 10 volume series (200 recipes), Nadine decided to add more recipes to her signature book, and subsequently renamed it "Culinary Creations".


Nadine loves Japanese cuisine. Her next project was going to be a 120 recipe Japanese book, but the opportunity to create a chicken wings book, specifically directed toward the American Super Bowl, interrupted her Japanese book.


The result is her latest "Super Wings" book.


As a direct result of a massive downturn in the world economy, as well as the corona-virus pandemic affecting hundreds of millions of families, Nadine has turned her attention to writing a budget book for those in need. She seems to have an innate ability to turn a simple cup of rice, along with a few other ingredients,  into a delicious meal for four.

Nadine starting her cooking for the day.

Petra collecting herbs for their cooking.

At this stage Dean is attempting to study database design, as he wants to bring more new authors to the site. Although he has some author's books on the site; these have been added manually, which is very time consuming. The database would allow authors to automatically place their books on the shelf.

As Bookshelf Collection's need for a social network presence grew; Rochelle was asked to leave her post at the electricity company, and once again joined the family business in its day-to-day operations. Rochelle has brought her extensive marketing skills to the company - for which we are very grateful. Her leadership in the social media marketing arena has brought a very welcome breath of fresh air to the business. For the first time we feel our little company is moving in a strong direction.

Where to from here:


At this moment the corona-virus has the whole family in self isolation.


Rochelle continues to talk to, and encourage, her followers on @BookshelfCollections and @RecipesForHomeAndRestaurant to hold on, to be brave and to be sensible through this difficult period.


Nadine and Petra are doing their best to complete the Budget book as fast as possible (with limited ingredients) as well as to offer more free recipes to people who need them.

Dean is busy with both his database studies, as well as writing a new novel due for release early next year.


If you would like to talk to us, please see the "Contact Us" tab in the menu.

Or perhaps you would like to help us fund our much needed database.


Either way - we look forward to your input with appreciation.


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