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Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd


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Many years ago a man murdered and skinned his wife in the basement of the town’s old abandoned slaughterhouse.

He forced his son to watch as he committed the atrocity.

A rumour now has it that his son, Spence, still lives in the old slaughterhouse.


In the dead of night Aiden, Skylar and Jet, along with a group of their school friends, are challenged to explore the old slaughterhouse. These young teenagers have a burning desire to disprove the rumour.


Coupled with a blossoming romance, these adventurous teenagers soon find themselves trying to survive a horror they did not bargain for, leaving them in a bloody situation in which they have to fight for their lives.


What started out as a harmless game of chicken, quickly turns into a bloody game of survival.




Chapter 1 ...... The Dare

Chapter 2 ...... The Journey

Chapter 3 ...... The Plan

Chapter 4 ...... The First Skinning

Chapter 5 ...... The Challenge

Chapter 6 ...... The Meat Grinder

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Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd
Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd
Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd