Instructions on how to download your eBooks

1. When you purchase an eBook from us, you will receive an email with the first download button. Please click on the blue "START eBOOK DOWNLOAD" button to go to the next step.



 2. You will now receive a Bookshelf Collections download page which comes from our library of eBooks.

  1. You can either save your new eBook to your Dropbox or,
  2. Download it to your hard drive.



3. Allow 30-60 seconds for your eBook to completely download. (Larger books, or a slow internet, may take longer)

If you choose the "download to your hard drive" option, then you can find your eBook in your downloads folder.




4. Open the link either in the lower left, or upper right, corner of your browser.




4. Your new eBook will  open  in a browser as a PDF document file type. You MUST save your book before closing the browser.


Before you scroll through your new eBook, please save it in a safe place on your hard drive.


5. Re-open your book from your saved folder.


6. Scroll down the pages to the "Contents Page".


7. Click on any chapter heading (or menu image in the recipe books), to be taken to that chapter or recipe.


8. You can return to the contents (or menu) page by using the tabs at the bottom of each page.


Return toContents    Return toMenu


From all of us at Bookshelf Collections, we trust you will enjoy your new eBook/s.