Girl in the Shower - Natalie Simmons

Girl in the Shower

Natalie Simmons


Young Adult Romance

Contains Adult Themes 18+


212 pages

9.6 MB

$6.97  USD

  • From the Author:


    Dear Reader.


    Girl in the Shower is a fast paced adventure/romance about how a young man, who is considered by everyone to be a loser, steps up to the plate and shows what he is truly made of.


    Josh is a 26 year old underdog. To date he has 'seemingly' achieved very little; but as he returns home from work one dark, cold and wet evening, his life changes in a way he could never have dreamed  ...Read More / Less

    He joins his friends Ashley and Danielle, as they travel the world in search of the two valuable Multoncian Stone Statues. But things are not what they seem! There are sinister forces also interested in finding the statues, and they'll kill anyone who stands in their way!


    Coupled with a saucy romance, these three young adults face murderous thugs, near death experiences and a cave adventure which blows their minds.


    Throughout the book, a new lease of life is presented to Josh, and he grabs the opportunities with both hands. This book is filled with Suspense, Humour, Young Adult Romance, Playful Sarcasm, Adventure and Mystery.


    Here are the chapters in my book. Pick up your copy today, then let me take you on a fast paced wild ride.


    I trust you'll enjoy my  young romantic adventure


    Nat Simmons



    Chapter 1   -  Meeting the Girl

    Chapter 2   -  Back to Business

    Chapter 3   -  Amorous on the Couch

    Chapter 4   -  Encountering the Thugs

    Chapter 5   -  Ashley’s Brief Return

    Chapter 6   -  Danielle's Drowning

    Chapter 7   -  Ashley’s Stupid Stone Statue

    Chapter 8   -  Girl in the Shower

    Chapter 9   -  The Ill-fated Statue

    Chapter 10 -  The Flight to Dallas

    Chapter 11 -  Meeting the Parents

    Chapter 12 -  The Hiking Lodge

    Chapter 13 -  Entering the Caves

    Chapter 14 -  Ashley’s Karma Pays its Dues

    Chapter 15 -  First Encounters with the Water Spirits

    Chapter 16 -  Romance in the Cave

    Chapter 17 -  Returning from the Dead

    Chapter 18 -  Finding the Second Statue

    Chapter 19 -  The Journey Out of the Cave

    Chapter 20 -  Josh Gets Fired

    Chapter 21 -  Taking on the Mission

    Chapter 22 -  The Flight Back to London

    Chapter 23 -  Handing Over the Female Statue

    Epilogue 1

    Epilogue 2

Read Chapters 1 & 2

  • Chapter 1: Meeting the Girl


    “You little shit, you’d better not be late again tomorrow, or I’ll send you home in a fucking coffin,” shouted the foreman.


    Josh walked toward the foundry gate. His head hung low and his shoulders slouched.


    “Bye Mr Benson,” he said to the security guard as he walked out the gate.


    “Bye Josh. You’d better get some extra sleep tonight lad, you look terrible.”


    “Yeah yeah, whatever.”


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    Having worked all day in the foundry, Josh went down to the pub for dinner.


    “Hi Josh,” said the bartender as he walked in, “want your usual today?”


    “Yeah why not,” he said rubbing his hands together, “and make the sausage rolls extra hot, it’s bloody cold out there.”


    He took a seat at a small table in a secluded corner of the pub.


    “This is some miserable weather we’re having,” said Mike as he placed the beer on the table.


    “No kidding, we’ve had this crappy rain all week.”


    “Yeah, depressing. Anyhow, I’ve asked the chef to ‘super-heat’ your sausage rolls,” chuckled Mike, “watch you don’t burn yourself.”


    “Thanks Mike.”


    Josh sat alone at the table, accompanied only by his thoughts, which ran this way and that. After he had finished his meal, he got up and walked to the door.


    “Thanks Mike,” he called out as he left the pub.


    “No worries Josh. Catch ya next time.”


    On the way home all he could think about was another beer, a hot shower and then into bed.


    What a fucking shit day, he thought, I wonder why I fucking bother; I’ve got a crap job and a crap life.


    Josh is a 26-year-old, go-nowhere, do-nothing type of bloke. He got tired, fed-up and lazy at an early age. In his mind he could still hear his father bellowing, "get a proper job you lazy bum! You’re a useless good-for-nothing mangy mongrel."


    His mother had passed away when he was six, and so it was left to his drunken father to raise him alone.


    Josh shared the rent of a downtown apartment with his friend Ashley. It had two small bedrooms, a tiny kitchen, lounge and bathroom. Ashley never had a job, but always seemed to have money. Whenever he saw his friend, Ashley would be lazing around the apartment, watching TV or talking to people on the street. He never introduced these people to Josh or invited them in.


    Ashley always keeps to himself. He never asks how my day was, or if I’ve got any plans for the future. Of course I’ve none, but that’s beside the point. It would just be nice if he took some interest in me.


    He dragged himself up the stairs to the front door.


    Oh here we go, fucking key’s stuck again ... piece of shit.


    As he pushed the door open.


    Yuck! It smells like crap in here. Ashley hasn’t been home to open the place up for weeks. Some friend he is. He bloody better get back in time to pay his part of the rent.


    As he walked over to the fridge to get a beer, he heard the rain coming down again.


    Ah fuck, it’s pissing again.


    He opened the beer and tossed the cap onto the table.


    Josh walked through into the lounge, flicked on the TV and fell back onto the couch. As he did so, he heard the shower curtain pull back.


    “What the fuck!”


    Startled by the noise, he jumped up from the couch, put his beer on the floor and picked up the side table. Now with his heart racing in his chest, he gingerly moved through the kitchen toward the bathroom.


    That wasn’t rain I heard, that’s my shower. I wonder who the fuck’s in my bathroom?


    The door wasn’t clipped closed, so he used one leg of the small table to push it open. He slowly crept forward, holding the table in front of him as a shield. The shower is behind the door, so he needed to move into the bathroom before he could see who was there.


    “Reveal yourself to me you scurvy rat, or I’ll pop this table square on ya noggin!”


    As the curtain flicked back, Josh stepped forward lifting the table into a strike position.


    “Hello,” said the tall naked brunette standing in his shower, “how are you today?”


    Still holding the table in a strike position, he stared back at her; paralysed, speechless, frozen.


    They stared at each other for a few seconds and then, in a sweet voice she said, “you can lower the table now, unless you think I’m about to attack you with the soap …”


    With his eyes fixated on her shiny wet body, he slowly lowered the table, as he watched a soapy foam cluster gracefully sliding down her back, through her bum crack, and down her long tanned leg.


    As she turned to face him, she continued, “… and you can close your mouth now, unless you’d like to tell me your name.”


    Her smooth vagina lips bulged prominently between her legs, glistening brightly in the reflected light.


    “It’s, it’s … er, Josh.”


    “What! your parents called you ‘er’ Josh?”


    “Well okay then ‘er’ Josh, would you like to pass me a fresh, clean towel, or shall we both just stand here staring at each other?”


    He stood there perplexed. His mind racing through some possibilities.


    Is it my birthday, a special occasion, or am I being pranked? There’s one fucking hot naked babe standing in my shower, and I can’t think of any reason why.


    Still with the table in his hands, he gestured toward a towel half lying on the floor, the other half draped over the toilet seat.


    “It’s over there.”


    “What!” she exclaimed, “that dirty towel lying on the floor! Do you expect me to dry myself with that filthy toilet rag?”


    “That’s all I’ve got,” he said, still staring straight at her in disbelief.


    “Okay then Josh,” she sighed, “if that’s all you’ve got, pass it over to me … and for God sake, please close your mouth!”


    He leaned over and passed the towel to her.


    “Now would you like to move back slightly, so that I can get out of the shower?”


    “Oh … sorry, of course. What are you doing in my shower?”


    “Are you complaining? Would you like me to leave?” she asked, flicking her long wet hair over her shoulder.


    “No no, you can stay. I was just wondering.”


    “Well then, would you be polite enough to stop wondering and offer me a drink?”


    “Yes, of course, what would you like to drink?”


    An instant fear washed over him as he thought she might ask for a cup of tea, or something even more complicated to make. He did not know who she was, or what she was doing in his shower. She was stunningly beautiful and incredibly sexy. He wanted to impress her, but had no idea how.


    I’ve never made tea before, and I don’t think Ashley has any tea leaves in the cupboard either.


    “I’ll have a beer please …”


    Oh thank God. Now I pray she doesn’t ask for something to eat.


    “… and do you have anything to eat?” she called out as he walked through into the kitchen.


    Oh shit! I don’t want to sound stupid.


    “Yes … what would you like to eat?”


    “Well, thank you for asking. I’ll have a lightly grilled crispy skin salmon fillet on a bed of buckwheat with a lemon wedge and a side of freshly chopped garden salad …”


    That’s it; I’m dead. My chance with this girl just plummeted to zero. I have no idea what she just said, let alone make that with food I don’t have.


    “… and,” she continued, “in the event you don’t know how to make that, I’ll have a whole-grain toasted ham cheese and tomato sandwich please.”


    Fuck yes, I’m back in business! Perhaps Marsha down at the corner deli will know how to make a toasted sandwich.


    “Don’t go anywhere,” he called out, “I’ll be back in a minute.”


    “Are you stupid? I’m still standing here naked. As tempting as what it may sound, it’s very unlikely I’m about to go for a walk down the street with nothing on.”


    Josh hurried out the door, down the steps and across the road to the nearby deli.


    “Marsha Marsha,” he called out as he ran into the deli, “do you know what a toasted sandwich is?”


    “Course I do Josh, I serve them up all day long. The world doesn’t just revolve around sausage rolls and beer you know.”


    “Er, quick Marsha give me two please,” he said beckoning with his hand across the counter.


    “Don’t be silly Josh; they take time to make.”


    “I don’t have time. I need them now!”


    “Do you want them on whole-grain or white bread?”


    “Er, white.”


    “You seem very flustered tonight Josh. Did you put your finger in the electric socket again?” laughed Marsha, as she turned to butter the bread. “Do you want salt and pepper on both?”


    “Yes yes whatever please hurry Marsha.”


    “Wait young man, the toasting machine is still warming up.”


    “Warming up! I don’t have time for that. Can I change the order to two sausage rolls?”


    “No Josh, you can’t. I’ve already started making the toasted sandwiches, and anyway, you’d have to pay for them as well.”


    He couldn’t get his thoughts of the naked girl standing in his shower out of his head. He was in a desperate hurry to get back, as he didn’t want her to leave before he knew her name, or why she was there. He also hoped he might get a second look at her sexy naked body.


    In his mind’s eye he could see her solid curved lines and smooth silk-like skin, which sent tingles down his spine. As she stood facing him, he could see her beautiful long legs going all the way up to her clean hamburger vagina, which bulged prominently in the reflection of the shower light. Her dark hard nipples glistened like pearls on her wet …


    “Josh!” bellowed Marsha, “do you want me to heat two sausage rolls or not?”


    “Er … um … no no please hurry Marsha.”




    Chapter 2: Back to Business


    “What’s your name?” he asked after returning from the deli.




    “That’s a nice name.”


    “Are you hitting on me?” she asked lifting her leg and putting her foot on the kitchen chair.


    “No no … well … I don’t think so.”


    “Okay then, would you mind helping me pull up my boot zip.”


    “No … I mean yes … of course I’ll help you.”


    As he bent down to help Danielle with her zip, he realised how short her skirt was.


    Wow fuck me, I can see her pussy. I wonder if she knows. God she’s sexy.


    Danielle had on long black boots which ended just below her knees. The zip ran from the heel to the top of her boot. As he bent down to pull up the zip, he could see her bulging vagina lips through her thin g-string material. It had been a long time since he had sex with a girl.


    He was aroused by her beautiful body, but did not know who she was, why she was there, or how to deal with his sexual arousal toward her.


    “How is the sandwich?” he asked trying to change the conversation, and his line of thought about her sexy body.


    “Are you serious? Can you not see what’s on my plate?” she said changing legs so he could zip the other boot.


    He looked down at her plate. The sandwiches were pressed flat, they were burnt along the edges, and there was messy cheese oozing out everywhere.


    “Sorry about that, I wasn’t expecting company.”


    “Don’t be sorry Josh, you didn’t make the sandwiches, you only chose where to buy them!”


    This comment did not make him feel any more at ease.


    Danni’s a sexy young girl, but not someone to mess with. I wonder why she’s here.


    Danielle wore a low-cut tight black dress which ended just below her thighs. She had a bright red scarf draped around her neck. Her long dark hair, still somewhat wet, hung down her back. She wore a large watch on her wrist, and a small gold chain around her neck, which hung down into her cleavage between her tight round breasts.


    Her deep emerald-green eyes glistened brightly in the dimly lit room. As he looked at her, his heart rate shot up to where he could feel his pulse in his ears.


    This is one fucking hot …


    “Josh!” she yelled, “when you’ve finished scanning my body, would you kindly reboot your brain so we can get down to business?”


    “Sorry Danni, what business?” he asked with some confusion.


    “Do you think I’m just here for your viewing pleasure?”


    “I’ve no idea why you’re here. I thought you’d just walked in off the street and were looking for a hot shower.”


    “Are you mad!” she snapped. “Do I look like a whore off the street?”


    His thoughts ran back to the shower, and the soapy cluster sliding so gracefully down through her smooth tanned bum crack.


    “Sorry Danni, would you please explain what you mean by ‘business’?”


    “Well … let’s start with my name. It’s pronounced Danielle, and I’m here to find Ashley.”


    Ah fuck me of course you are! How stupid of me. Why would such a sexy creature be here for me.


    Josh felt deflated. His heart rate slowed, his posture slumped and his face sagged. Once again he felt that all-too-familiar feeling of rejection wash over him. There was a stunningly beautiful young female in his apartment …


    I just want to touch her face, to feel her silky soft skin, to stroke my fingers through her long hair, maybe just once, that’s all I’m asking – just once would be nice.


    …but Josh knew, in that blinding moment of truth, he had to ask the inevitable question.


    “Is Ashley your boyfriend?”


    “You’re truly quite daft Josh. What kind of a question is that? Don’t you know what’s going on here?”


    “No, Ashley never spoke to me about you, or anything else for that matter. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend.”


    “I thought he was your friend. You’ve lived together for more than two years, surly he’s spoken about …”


    “We are friends,” he interrupted, “but that doesn’t mean to say we have to talk to each other.”


    “…well that confirms it,” she continued, “you are quite mad. Ashley’s missing, and I think he’s tied up with a violent gang of thieving thugs who are after a valuable statue. They believe the statue contains a map to a hidden treasure, and they’ll kill anyone who stands in their way, or tries to stop them from getting their hands on the golden artefacts. I received this note in the post three days ago warning that, if the Multoncian Statue wasn’t returned to them by month’s end, they’d come after both Ashley and myself – and kill us.”


    When Josh heard the word ‘statue’, he jerked back in his chair.


    “Wow Danni, you almost sounded serious there for a moment. If you think Ashley’s mixed up in some gang, you’re wrong. He has no ambition to do anything for anyone. He’s even lazier than me. But Ashley’s not here right now so … er … would you like to go to bed with me and have raving hot sex?”


    “What! - are you stupid? It seems it would be best for us all Josh, if you stand aside and let me get on with what I’ve come here to do. Please show me where Ashley sleeps.”


    “He sleeps over there. What do you think you’ll find by scratching through his stuff?”


    “I’m not sure, but I must start somewhere if I’m to remain alive through to next month. Both Ashley’s and my lives depend on finding that bloody statue. However Josh, thank you for the shower and sandwich, please go back to your useless mundane life and forget you ever saw me.”


    “That’s not possible Danni. I’ve seen you naked, and that’s not an image I’ll clear from my mind in the next hundred years.”


    “Well try!” she yelled snapping her fingers in his face.


    Danielle left with a small bundle of Ashley’s belongings. By now it was 10:30 in the evening. Josh wasn’t sure where she was going and, to be honest, he didn’t much care either. She had a hot body, but all that talk about stone statues and violent gangs took the passion right out of the moment.



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Girl in the Shower - Natalie Simmons
Girl in the Shower - Natalie Simmons