Jack's Coin (Book 1)

Jessi Dobbins



Children's short stories


10 pages

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  • From the Author:


    Jack and his sister Mary lived with their mother in a small cottage on the outskirts of town. Their father had died during the war, so it was up to Lillian to take care of the two children.


    After school Jack and Mary would run down the path to the old lighthouse. ...Read More / Less

    Here they would play until dusk.

    As the cliffs were unstable; their mother had forbidden them to play beyond the lighthouse boundary.


    One afternoon, as they were playing, Jack saw something in the tall grass.


    “What’s that shiny thing over there?” Jack asked.


    “I don’t know,” replied Mary.


    “Do you think we should go take a look?”


    “No!” yelled Mary,  “Mum will be most upset with us. You know we aren’t allowed past the fence.”


    “Mum won’t know if we just creep a little closer to take a peek,” said Jack.


    “I want no part of this Jack!” she cried.


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