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Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd

Jack and his sister Mary lived with their mother, Lillian, in a small cottage on the outskirts of a small coastal town in England.

Their father had died during the second world war, so it was up to their mother to take care of the two children.


“YAY! It’s the last day of school,” shouted Jack as he ran down the hill. “Hurry up Mary! Mum said we can go play in the old lighthouse grounds today.”


“Slow down, Jack, I’m not as fast as you, and anyway, my school bag is heavy.”


“Don’t be a sissy. I think there’s a path running down the side of the hill and I want to go and look.”


“I hope it’s inside the lighthouse grounds,” grumbled Mary.


The cliffs beyond the fence-line were unstable, so their mother had forbidden them from playing beyond the boundary.

As Jack played with his toy car...


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Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd
Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd
Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd