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    Leanne Johnston is the founder of Sustainably Nourishing. She holds Advance Diplomas' in both Nutritional and Herbal Medicine; is a Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Australia and is currently studying Nutritional Farming Principles.

    She is also expanding her knowledge into areas like 'The Ecology of Food' and 'Medicinal Herbs'.

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    Leanne has had many years’ experience nourishing herself in Yoga, and Health & Wellness retreats through using many different principles such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vegan, Vegetarian and Raw Foods.


    She is an intuitive nourisher and healer who has explored many principles and systems of belief. Leanne continues to come back too, and journeys into, a more simplistic fundamental way of living.


    Leanne says, "Each of us are ultimately unique - therefore our needs for whole wellness are unique as well.


    Intrinsically we know what it is that we need, and that the journey to self-mastery is learning to listen to the wisdom within, and thereby dismantling the layers of belief systems that limit us."



Sustainably Nourishing (Taster)

Leanne Johnston


Recipe / Cooking


30 pages

3.27 MB

$6.97  USD

Sustainably Nourishing (Mastering Self Love)

Leanne Johnston


Recipe / Cooking


49 pages

5.44 MB

$6.97  USD

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