Meat (Volume 2)

Meat - Vol. 2 (Recipes for Home & Restaurant) by Nadine Lloyd


(Recipes for Home & Restaurant)

Nadine Lloyd


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Publication Date: March 2017

File Size:  25.7Mb

Language: English

Pages: 38

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Genré:  Recipe / Cooking

Age Group:  All Ages

Photographs:  105

Number of Recipes: 22

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From the Author - Meat:

Most cuts of meat can be cooked, fried, boiled or barbecued to give a particular flavour. ...

However, when prepared along with certain herbs, spices, and sauces, the meat flavours are enhanced to a new level.
That was my intention when creating this book for you.

By adding these ingredients to the meat; either before, during or after cooking, the dish changes into a delicious meal you will be proud of offer your family and friends.

Try an easy recipe right now; such as the Eye Fillet Surf & Turf, or the Coated Steak.
Both are quick and easy to prepare, yet deliver a nice tasty punch.

Some recipes are a little more complicated; such as the goat curry or beef cheeks.
These are best enjoyed during the cold winter months. Here I recommend you tackle these recipes over a weekend.
If you purchase all the ingredients during the week, you have the whole day to relax and enjoy your cooking; along with a glass of your favourite red!

I trust you enjoy what I have brought to you in this book. I have had great fun creating these recipes. Now it's your turn.

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Until next time

All the best for now.

Nadine Lloyd
(Recipes for Home & Restaurant)

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Meat - Vol. 2 (Recipes for Home & Restaurant) by Nadine Lloyd