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Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd

Girl in the Shower is a fast-paced adventure/romance about how a young man, who is considered by everyone to be a loser, steps up to the plate and shows what he is truly made of.


Josh is a 26-year-old underdog. To date he has 'seemingly' achieved very little; but as he returns home from work one dark, cold and wet evening, his life changes in a way he could never have dreamed.

He joins his friends Ashley and Danielle, as they travel the world in search of the two valuable Multoncian Stone Statues. But things are not what they seem! There are sinister forces also interested in finding the statues, and they'll kill anyone who stands in their way!


Coupled with a saucy romance, these three young adults face murderous thugs, near death experiences and a cave adventure which blows their minds.


Throughout the book, a new lease of life is presented to Josh, and he grabs the opportunities with both hands. This book is filled with Suspense, Humour, Young Adult Romance, Playful Sarcasm, Adventure and Mystery.


Here are the chapters in my book. Pick up your copy today, then let me take you on a fast paced wild ride.


Chapter 1 - Meeting the Girl

Chapter 2 - Back to Business

Chapter 3 - Amorous on the Couch

Chapter 4 - Encountering the Thugs

Chapter 5 - Ashley’s Brief Return

Chapter 6 - Danielle's Drowning

Chapter 7 - Ashley’s Stupid Stone Statue

Chapter 8 - Girl in the Shower

Chapter 9 - The Ill-fated Statue

Chapter 10 - The Flight to Dallas

Chapter 11 - Meeting the Parents

Chapter 12 - The Hiking Lodge

Chapter 13 - Entering the Caves

Chapter 14 - Ashley’s Karma Pays its Dues

Chapter 15 - First Encounters with the Water Spirits

Chapter 16 - Romance in the Cave

Chapter 17 - Returning from the Dead

Chapter 18 - Finding the Second Statue

Chapter 19 - The Journey Out of the Cave

Chapter 20 - Josh Gets Fired

Chapter 21 - Taking on the Mission

Chapter 22 - The Flight Back to London

Chapter 23 - Handing Over the Female Statue

Epilogue 1

Epilogue 2


I trust you'll enjoy my young romantic adventure

Nat Simmons

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Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd
Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd
Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd