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Smile with Confidence this Christmas.

Enjoy your meal with friends and family without hiding your beautiful smile behind your hand.


"I know you do that, yes I do ... I know because I worked as a dental practitioner for over 35 years."


Let your family take as many photographs as they like. You know at least one of them will end up on Facebook!


It is very early to start talking about Christmas, however, correctly made dentures take time to create, so don't wait until one week before the festive season, then make an appointment to see your dental practitioner.


Get the right answers from these two books now, then head straight to your practitioner to get the set of teeth you deserve.


"Psst ... Ladies ... over here. You know there's a way for you to look at least 5 years younger with new teeth. I'll tell you how on pages 41 and 42 in my full denture book."


Sorry, I got sidetracked there for a moment. I really do get excited. There's so much to tell you, and show you, about what is available to you. Tooth colours, gaps, clear palates, metal palates, skew teeth, big teeth, small teeth, soft liners, broken dentures, denture cleaning, immediate dentures ... (phew) and on and on. I give you the advantages and disadvantages, and I give you large images to clearly explain every step. What must you know before going to your practitioner. What questions should you be asking. What must you insist on.


All answered in an easy-to-understand way.


And this information, of course, will save you money, time and maybe even prevent the unspeakable ... (a denture that hurts like hell)


OK ... it's easy. Purchase these two books at a fraction of the cost of a new set of dentures, and I'll download the books to you in a beautifully laid-out PDF format. Then ... you brows through the pages and read all about what choices you have, see what's available and just exactly what your practitioner's dental technician can do for you. (You'll be shocked at how much they can do - when asked!)


So ... here's my offer - You'll get almost 60% off for a limited time only.(That's $27 discount)

2 Book Combo Deal - Limited Time Offer

Natural Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd Natural Partial Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd

Natural Full & Natural Partial Dentures

Dr Dean Lloyd


Health & Wellbeing


134 pages (PDF)

21.2 MB

$18.97  USD

Amazon 5 Star Rating

About me

"Who am I,"  you ask?


"Well, my mum always said that I'm a perpetual student. Below is a pic. of my beautiful wife, Petra, and I. We have two girls (You can 'almost' see the first in the picture), been married for 28 wonderful years and together ran three dental practises."


You may also ask why I wrote these two books for you. During my years as a practitioner I saw so many innocent patients who came into my clinic with issues that could have been avoided. With the right information they could have saved themselves thousands of dollars.


I wrote these books for you, to explain your 6 clinic appointments, what to expect and definitely what to ask for. Did you know you have 15 different denture characterisation choices that could make your teeth look more natural? Bet they've never been offered to you before!


So, I'll stop talking now and give you a chance to think about what you'd like to do.


To your denture comfort.



"Isn’t she just gorgeous!"

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Natural Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd
Natural Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd