Natural Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd

Natural Full Dentures

Dr Dean Lloyd


Health & Wellbeing


78 pages (PDF)

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  • Here's what others have to say:

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    "Excellent Book. Very simple and easy to understand guide for all those facing the prospect of denture teeth."


    "Dr. Lloyd answered all my questions and armed me with tons of information to make intelligent decisions. I searched for this type of information all over the Internet and am very glad to have found this guide."


    "I feel much more confident and able to make a decision concerning dentures. It's a great book and easy read."


    "Clear information and answers why my gums ache and what to do. Thank you." / Kindle Books - USA


    "Fantastic book, really well worth having if you have dentures or are thinking about having denture work done."

    W.L - South Africa

  • From the Author:


    For 35 years I have studied and solved the problems which  denture wearing patients have.


    Problems such as:

    • sore gums
    • ill fitting dentures
    • unnatural looking teeth
    • blunt teeth, as well as
    • painful gums or ulcers, caused by loose dentures.

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    I have written this book for you; so that you can go to your dental practitioner armed with the knowledge which can result in your new set of dentures looking and feeling the way you want.


    Dentures are expensive, so be absolute sure you get what you're paying for. This book will give you 'easy-to-understand' answers to questions like:


      • When should I reline my dentures.
      • How long should my new dentures last me.
      • How can I extend the life of my dentures - which can save me thousands of dollars in the long run.
      • What method should I use to clean my dentures so that I don't damage the teeth, and make them look old before their time!
      • What should I  do to keep my teeth sharp. Or more appropriately - what not to do!)
      • Understanding all my appointments (i.e. what to expect) when getting new dentures. What should I insist on when I'm in the chair!
      • How do I deal with broken dentures.
      • What extra 15 characterisation features can I ask for, which can make my teeth look more natural. (Which is the main point of me writing this book for you.)
      • For the ladies ... How can my dentures make me look 5 or more years younger!
      • And much much more.

    This book contain many high quality photographs - which give you answers to many questions.


    To your comfort


    Dr. Dean Lloyd


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Natural Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd
Natural Full Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd