Natural Partial Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd


Natural Partial Dentures

Dr Dean Lloyd



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    Natural Partial Dentures is a book written for you. My intention in writing this book is to guide you through the multiplicity of choices which stand before you, when requiring a removable partial denture appliance. Although in many cases it is the domain of your dental practitioner to make the right choice; you should still have an understanding of what it is that you are purchasing, including all the pros and cons associated with each type of appliance.


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    There are many factors to consider when choosing a partial denture appliance. Factors such as cost, longevity, natural looks, mechanical stability, ongoing tooth additions to name a few. All these and more will be explained in detail as we go through the chapters.


    Chapter: 1

    Your decision to purchase a new partial denture.

    In almost all cases partial dentures are purchased because the patient requires the appliance, to either fill a gap created by missing or lost front teeth and/or, to replace missing back teeth.


    When deciding on the type of dental appliance, the following points must be taken into consideration:


    How long do you believe you will require the dental appliance for, before your remaining teeth are removed?

    If your remaining natural teeth have a life expectancy of fewer than five years, then a simple, inexpensive acrylic partial denture will suffice. If; however, you believe your remaining natural teeth will remain intact for eight-to-ten or more years, you would be better off paying the extra money for a metal frame partial denture. ...

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Natural Partial Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd
Natural Partial Dentures by Dr Dean Lloyd