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Understanding the Principles of Wealth Creation (Module 2) Paul Matherson

Understanding the Principles of Wealth Creation (Module 2)

Paul Matherson


Publication Date:  2 May 2014

File Size: 16.70Mb

Language: English

Pages:  60

Words: Unknown

Genré: Wealth & Happiness

Age Group: All ages

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   In this book I have explained an easy-to-understand system you can immediately use to attract the extra cash, or that special relationship, you have been looking for. However, you must first understand how any system works before you can get the most out of it. Attracting wealth is no different.

In other words -
  •   What precisely must you do to attract what you want?
  •   How does the universe bring you what you ask for?
  •   What attracting force must you apply to get the cash moving in your direction?
  •   Will the cash just 'float' in through the open window as other law of attraction book imply? (In all honesty - the answer is no!)

Activating your money magnet does not mean expecting to wake up the next morning with a pile of cash sitting on your doorstep, but it does mean that if you know where to find the money magnet switch, you can change your life forever!
So, I will ask the question again.

  •   Will the cash just 'float' in through the open window? No.
  •   Is there a money magnet switch available to all humans? Yes!

Once you try it on something small, and prove it to yourself that the system works, then you can move on to bigger things.
Slow steady learnings and consistent practice are the best keys to success.

In ancient times they said "Ask and ye shall receive", but they never went on to explain how one should go about asking.
This system has remained a secret; only know by a few, who use it in their everyday lives. In fact, only 0.7% of all people find their financial switch.

Over the past 25 years I have uncovered and demystified this easy to apply technique. It works for my family and me. Once you have learned these simple techniques, it can work for you and your loved ones too!

When you understand the basic principles of 'attraction' and 'projection' then you can put these wonderful techniques into action; and get what, or in some cases whom, you want.

With robotics and automation taking our jobs, it has become more and more important, to either earn more cash, or find new ways to earn an income.

Depending on what you were taught as a child; with respect to money, you will continue to live out the habits that you learned from the people you associated with during those early years.

For most of us however, we were told that:

  •   "Money doesn’t grow on trees."
  •   "Do you think I'm made of money."
  •   "Money is the root of all evil."
  •   "Money doesn’t make you happy."

or ... as I was taught,

"If you were meant to be wealthy Paul, you would have been born into a wealthy family." - What rubbish!

If you recognise any of these, or other such negative phrases about money, then they reside in your subconscious mind. If they reside in your subconscious mind, these programs will be transmitting a signal to life 24/7 that say you "do not want money, that money is evil in some way, and that you would rather not have money".

It's imperative that you change these hypnotic programs - if you are to earn any extra cash.

Many people have read law of attraction books with no results to show for their efforts. This is because you need to understand the mechanics of attraction. (i.e.) How does the law of attraction actually work, and what are the moving parts that act like money magnets?

This book explains, in easy to understand steps, how you can make a difference to your life, and to the lives of those you love.

To Your Prosperity

Paul Matherson

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Understanding the Principles of Wealth Creation (Module 2) Paul Matherson
Understanding the Principles of Wealth Creation (Module 2) Paul Matherson
Understanding the Principles of Wealth Creation (Module 2) Paul Matherson