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Poultry (Volume 3)

Poultry - Vol. 3 (Recipes for Home & Restaurant) by Nadine Lloyd


(Recipes for Home & Restaurant)

Nadine Lloyd


Book Type:  Downloadable e-Book

Publication Date: March 2017

File Size:  17.5Mb

Language: English

Pages: 34

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Genré:  Recipe / Cooking

Age Group:  All Ages

Photographs:  74

Number of Recipes: 21

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From the Author - Poultry:

Poultry dishes seem to be less expensive than other protein meals. ...

I have created these recipes to be packed with flavour, yet not break the family budget. The only five exceptions to this would be the three duck and two spatchcock recipes.

Duck can be delicious when prepared correctly; however, I highly recommend you try the Pan Roasted Spatchcock first. Although expensive, this is a tasty delicacy everyone should enjoy.

Poultry recipes are usually easy to prepare; except perhaps for the chicken curry. The others have been created as 'in-the-week' or 'on-the-run' type meals. We are all busy and need to get things done.

As you have seen throughout my other books, I love to make my own sauces and gravies. These homemade sauces and gravies add that special touch not found in a bottle!

Browse through these delicious recipes and bookmark those you want to do quickly; and those which should be left for the weekend.

I trust you will have as much pleasure in cooking, and enjoying these meals with your family, as I have had in creating them for you.

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Until next time

All the best for now.

Nadine Lloyd
(Recipes for Home & Restaurant)

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Poultry - Vol. 3 (Recipes for Home & Restaurant) by Nadine Lloyd