Tasty Recipes - Home & Restaurant by Nadine Lloyd
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    I'm hungry right now and salivating over some of the recipes. She is a very clever girl – it just looks beautiful. Please pass on our congratulations to her.

    Lisa and Bruce - Australia


    I spent some time looking at your book and reading all about it. All I can say is “Congratulations Nadine” what an achievement for such a young girl. It has taken you a couple of years, but it is finally out, and definitely worth it.

    Wendy - South Africa


    Val and I want to let you know that we’re very proud of what you’ve achieved, and we know your grandmother Shirley would also have been so proud of you. You being able to cook such great dishes is such an achievement. There’s a food genius here in the UK called Jamie Oliver and he goes all over the world to find out about recipes and chef’s from different countries. If he got to Australia and met you, I’m sure he’d be really impressed at what you’ve managed to do. Well done Nadine.

    Johan and Val - UK


    Nadine, I think your book is great! I can't wait to try out some of the recipes although; the pictures make me wish I was at a restaurant and could just order some of it!

    Jason T - Australia



Tasty Recipes

(Home & Restaurant)

Nadine Lloyd


Recipe / Cooking


90 pages (PDF)

54 MB

$16.97  USD

  • From the Author:


    Dear Reader.


    This e-Book is the first of many recipe books I am creating for you. I love to sit in the evenings and write recipes. The next morning I go shopping! (Not for shoes like normal girls - but for ingredients!)  Dad or mum take me to our local Woolworths in Currimundi; where Maxine, Lyn, Carol and Frank kindly help me with my list of goodies. Then it's home to start the preparation for that days work. During the day I prep the ingredients, cook, plate up and photograph my recipes.

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    Then it's time for my family, friends and neighbours to do the taste test.


    Sometimes I have to repeat the process, with modifications, and other times I get the thumbs up right off the bat. It's an ongoing process, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


    Jamie Oliver is my biggest fan. He's inspired me to take a chance in life, to go the extra mile, and to create something from nothing.

    "Yeah Jamie!"


    Without a doubt, I've had much fun creating this book for you.  Now I'd like to see you have as much fun trying some of my recipes. I'd like to see you cook with your family and enjoy the time together; but mostly, enjoy the flavours I have brought to your table through my creative ideas.

    I look forward to talking to you throughout this, and other, recipe e-Books I am writing for you.


    Until next time.

    All the best for now.




    P.S. I have not created fast, on-the-run or 3 ingredient recipes.

    My philosophy is for you to have fun, and enjoy the cooking experience in your kitchen. The fun starts from when you choose your recipe, purchase your ingredients and schedule the time with family and/or friends to enjoy a nice meal with them.


    Also, I'm not in a position to drink alcohol when cooking, so I usually mix up one of my drinks from my Drinks Book (Vol. 10) which I enjoy as the day progresses.

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Tasty Recipes - Home & Restaurant by Nadine Lloyd
Tasty Recipes - Home & Restaurant by Nadine Lloyd
Tasty Recipes - Home & Restaurant by Nadine Lloyd
Tasty Recipes - Home & Restaurant by Nadine Lloyd
Tasty Recipes - Home & Restaurant by Nadine Lloyd