Vegetarian (volume 5)

Vegetarian vol. 5 (Recipes for Home & Restaurant) by Nadine Lloyd

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Vegetarian (Volume 5)

Nadine Lloyd


Publication Date: May 21 2018

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Vegetable only cooking is very interesting, as well as an exciting way to stretch our creative thinking.
When I talk to my vegetables, they talk back to me. Often they tell me how they would like to be prepared; so they can deliver maximum flavour.

For example, my granny would cook, or simmer, her vegetables in boiling water for more than an hour. She would then strain the nutrients down the drain and dish up the pulp!
In my opinion, dead vegetables have no place on the dining room table.

Raw is always better, but not possible with some varieties. In these cases I lightly roast, bake, boil or stir-fry my veggies. Of course you can use the microwave - but again this is just a faster way to send your veggies to heaven!

If you need a quick twist to your potatoes, I suggest you try my Creamy Mustard & Fennel Potatoes.

In any event, have fun and enjoy the time you spend with your vegetables!
Happy Cooking.

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Vegetarian vol. 5 (Recipes for Home & Restaurant) by Nadine Lloyd
Vegetarian vol. 5 (Recipes for Home & Restaurant) by Nadine Lloyd